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Ambassadors Dinner

A nineteenth-century church is the backdrop for the Ambassadors’ Dinner 2019. The design duo Studio Drift, comprising Lonneke Gordijn and Ralph Nauta, have organized this special dinner in their role as DDW Ambassador. A moment for encounters, wonderment and beauty, now and for future editions.

The Paterskerk church, built in 1890, is still being refurbished, with forklift trucks hidden under black sheets, but this only contributes to the special atmosphere. The guests are seated at three long tables in the nave, lit in green light, the theme colour of the eighteenth edition of Dutch Design Week (DDW). The table seats a broad selection from the national and international world of design.

Then the light goes out and the church is thrown into darkness. What follows is a magical presentation. High in the nave, Studio Drift has installed their installation Shylight. One by one, the light objects folded from fabric fall reluctantly from the heights, to then return to their original position. They are objects with the appearance of futuristic sea creatures. They combine warm beauty with cold technology. Accompanied by music composed by the DJ especially for this event. Resulting in a mystical and supernatural manifestation.

Dutch Design Foundation

Gala Dinner

1 day

200+ delegates

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