Want to organise an event during the pandemic? You can!

Launching a new product, networking with fellow entrepreneurs or an inspiring conference – there can be lots of reasons to organise an event. But what can we do in times of Covid? We have been in the grip of the pandemic for almost two years and the virus is likely to keep dominating our country in 2022. So does that mean that we can’t plan any events? We don’t think it does. What is the best way to do that? Keep all options open: the date of the event, the possibility of holding the event online, and something halfway in between: a hybrid event.

In the past two years, the events sector has been in turmoil. Due to social distancing rules, many events had to be cancelled. That was a terrible shame. After all, there’s nothing more powerful than a live event, is there? The problem is that planning any event remains difficult. No one has a crystal ball to tell us what the situation will be in a few months’ time. Can you organise a conference for 250 people this summer? Will it be possible to celebrate an anniversary in the autumn?

Keep all your options open

Fortunately, the answer is yes. There is always a way, just make sure that you don’t ‘lock yourself’ into one plan. So keep all options open. That is why we work with flexible contracts. If you decide it is better to postpone the event by two months, that is no problem! Or if you decide at the eleventh hour to make your event a hybrid event (i.e. both in real life and online), we can do that for you. If you’d rather hold your event fully online via an online platform (which you can also use for many other things), we can make that happen with our Online Event Platform.

Take quick decisions on the organisation of your event

You may think: that’s all very well, but it probably takes months to prepare such an online environment. Actually, that’s not the case. If you want to build an entire new platform, you really should take a decision about six weeks in advance. By then, you will have a fair idea of whether or not you will be able to organise a fully offline event and you still have time to make adjustments.

About our Online Event Platform

With our Online Event Platform you can experience an event as if you were there, only online. On the Online Event Platform, different types of content can be combined and everything is live. We offer various solutions, such as a 2D, 3D or custom 3D environment. A stage with speakers, a market with stands or one-to-one meeting rooms. We can not only set this platform up for you, but we can also help you with the organisation and brief the speakers, for example.

Rethink your schedule

Do you really prefer a physical event or a combination of physical and online (hybrid version)? Then rethink your schedule. In these times of pandemic, a new pattern seems to be emerging. Winters are uncertain, but during the summer there have been opportunities for getting together, both in 2020 and 2021. If you want to be on safer ground, it is better to plan your live event in the summer months. While September, October and November are normally the busiest months for events, this will not be the case in 2022.

Would you like to know more about our event options?

Would you like to know more about our possibilities for online, hybrid or physical events? Then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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